BOP Control

Blowout Preventers (BOP’s) are safety-critical equipment utilised during every well construction, maintenance and removal activity, and must be capable of operating reliably and effectively at all times during their utilisation. Cansco Control Technology BOP Control Units are designed to dependably operate BOP’s used in today’s most demanding well operations.

Our BOP Control Units are installed and operating on many well sites across the oil, gas and geothermal industry.

This experience, combined with our operational knowledge and design capability facilitates our work with Customers to continuously improve Control Unit products and their performance. All our BOP Control Unit products meet or exceed Customer requirements and those set out in API and related industry specifications and standards. Being part of the Cansco group, which specialises in the supply of the full well control system solutions, we have particular system integration capability, offering Customers enhanced life-cycle value through automation and data acquisition and management solutions.

Mounting options for our BOP Control Units include;

  • Skid Mounted, the lightest option, with forklift slots.
  • Skid Mounted with Lifting frame, a lightweight option with both forklift slots and lifting points which can be certified to DNV2.1-1.
  • Container Mounted, a robust option providing environmental and damage protection during transport and operations, with both forklift slots and lifting points which can be certified to DNV2.1-1, and noise attenuation capability.

Control options are tailored to suit Customer requirements, and range from basic local functionality to a complete automation and remote control system philosophy. Performance enhancement features include:

HMI Touch Control

Data Acquisition and Logging

System Performance and Health Monitoring