Extreme Service Drilling Monitoring and Control Units

Whether its drilling high temperature geothermal wells, high pressure and high temperature (HP/HT1) oil and gas wells, or wells with the potential for high levels of noxious gases, Cansco Control Technology can provide risk specific monitoring and control solutions to enhance process safety and productivity.

As an example, when circulating out a kick on an HPHT well there is an increased risk of losing the liquid seal on the Mud-Gas-Separator due to the inability to adequately regulate well gas volumes and pressure through the drilling choke.

Our HPHT monitoring and control unit incorporates fine scale gauges for high resolution digital pressure indications, with pressure monitoring in the Mud-Gas-Separator, and a valve auto-sequencing arrangement that diverts well fluids to a dedicated safe area whilst isolating the Mud-Gas-Separator in the event that the pre-determined liquid seal protection pressure in the Mud-Gas-Separator has been reached.

Similarly circulating out a kick on an HPHT well also increases the risk of hydrate formation at the choke manifold and our HPHT monitoring and control unit can have temperature monitoring and automated glycol injection incorporated to mitigate this problem.

1HP/HT wells are those where the undisturbed bottom hole temperature at prospective reservoir depth or total depth is greater than 300°F or 150°C, and either the maximum anticipated pore pressure of any porous formation to be drilled through exceeds a hydrostatic gradient of 0.8 psi/ft, or a well requiring pressure control equipment with a rated working pressure in excess of 10000 psi.