Instrumentation and Data Acquisition

A data acquisition system works like the central hub, connected to a variety of products, including instruments, sensors and other information devices, and gathers, displays, and stores that information. The information gathered by data acquisition devices can then be used to make sure that machinery operates safely, specific processes are performed efficiently, and that there are reliable outcomes.

Real-time Data Acquisition Systems

Real-time data acquisition systems employed on machinery make it possible for worksites to take measurements and display the information in real-time, allowing a technician to intervene quickly when a problem is either predicted or has occurred, and enabling the machinery to function at peak performance at maximum uptime.

Cansco Control Technology works with Customers on optimising well control system instrument, sensor and data acquisition packages to suit the required service and performance conditions for well projects. Instrument solutions include integral or standalone Fine Scale Gauge panels, with digital readouts providing an increased level of accuracy on critical pressures (choke, kill and standpipe) over traditional analogue gauge models.

For enhanced process understanding during well control operations additional sensors can be added to well control equipment. Hard-wired and wireless auxiliary temperature and pressure sensor solutions are available for fitting to the BOP, choke manifold, Mud Gas Separator and flow lines.

Sensors and Fine Scale Gauges complement our data acquisition, Automation Control, and Extreme Service Drilling Monitoring and Control solutions and offer our Customers the very best in performance management during critical well control operations.