Glycol Injection

Glycol injection is typically required to avoid hydrate formation due to the presence of water in well fluids, in particular when the well fluid experiences a pressure transition such as that which occurs across the Drilling Choke during well control operations.

Our Glycol Injection Units utilise air powered pumps to produce an extremely high pressure and infinitely variable liquid flow as required to achieve hydrate suppression in the well fluid. Typical flows rates are 3.5 litres per minute at 15,000psi and 1.6 litres per minute at 20,000psi.

The DHDA pump has been designed to deliver an infinitely variable flow rate using standard rig air pressure.

The Glycol Injection Unit is suitable for installation in hazardous areas, uses standard drilling rig air pressure, is easy to maintain, and is a highly reliable solution for critical injection during well control operations.