Magnetic Y-Strainers

Magnetic Y-Strainers are recommended for low-flow applications with space restrictions.

Magnetic Y-Strainers


This filter employs a magnetic filter element and mesh screen. Systems are designed for the application's fluid, flow volume, viscosity, mobility, and mounting requirements. Y-strainer designs are offered for cryogenic, high-pressure, and high-temperature applications.


Requires minimum consumables.
High Holding Capacity
High holding capacity allows for extended planned maintenance periods.


Magnetic Filter Element
Ferrous Contamination

Captures ferrous wear particles down to 4 µ and below with up to 95+% efficiency.

Non-Ferrous Contamination

Non-ferrous particles are magnetically captured because of cross contamination from static charge or embedded ferrous particles


Install the magnetic Y-strainer inline with the magnetic filter element on top for easy access when cleaning. For any installations on suction applications, the mesh screen must be removed to prevent cavitation.

Magnetic Filter Element
Magnetic Filter Element
Remove the contamination with a lab cloth/non-fiber cloth that absorbs the contamination. Save the cloth in a sample bag to send for analysis.
Mesh Screen
Mesh Screen
Clean with solvent, soap and water, a parts washer, or ultrasonically, then air dry. Use the magnetic filter element as a predictive maintenance tool by removing contamination with a lab cloth or rubber glove and depositing it into a sample jar. Send the contamination for analysis to determine the source of equipment component wear and prevent system failure.


Magnetic Filter ElementRare-earth magnets configured in a patented radial field design
Filter Housing, End Caps, MountsStandardsBronze (end caps: carbon.steel
Non-corrosiveStainless steel
Mesh Screen 20, 30, 40, 60, 100 or XStainless steel
SealsHigh HeatViton
Sub ZeroEDPM


Port Size1/2" - 4"
Element ClearanceHousing length +4"
Mount TypeInline

Limited Warranty

Magnetic Filter Element3 years
Housing and components1 year
Magnetic Filter Element18+ years
Mesh Screen5 years

Threaded NPT

Pressure/Temperature Rating

Non-shock20.7 bar (300 psi) @ 37.8° C (100° F)
Steam Rated (WOG)27.5 bar (400 psi) @ 65.6° C (150° F)
Cryogenic20.7 bar (300 psi) @ -195.6° C (-320° F)
Port SizeHousing SizeHousing SizeSize
1"4-3/4"4"1/2" OD
1-1/2"5-3/4"5"3/4" OD
2"6-3/4"6"1" OD
2-1/2"8"6"1" OD
3"9-1/2"7"1" OD
4"12"10"1-1/2" OD

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