From Rental to Recertification, from Parts to Fleet Management, and from Product Life-Cycle Support to Training, our comprehensive range of Services is aimed at advancing your control system performance.


Whether you need a short or long term rental solution for control or testing products please contact us without delay. Cansco Control Technology can provide rental solutions from stock or from Cansco Well Control’s, extensive rental equipment inventories. Our rental equipment is maintained to industry and OEM standards, and is supported by ample service technician and parts availability.

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We provide aftersale product recertification services for our own products as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), and we provide aftermarket product recertification services for non Cansco Control Technology products.

Recertification can be completed in-situ depending on access availability, or at a Cansco approved service centre. Customers require good-quality, efficient and cost effective product turnaround and we provide the personnel, process, tools, equipment, parts and consumables to make this happen.

We provide aftersale product recertification services for our own products as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), and we provide aftermarket product recertification services for non Cansco Control Technology products.

Recertification scopes can be performed to the as-built standard or latest industry stand, see Upgrade, as per Customer preference.

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Sound safety-critical decision making during well control operations requires accurate and reliable information and therefore instruments, sensors and regulating and safety devices utilised on control systems must be calibrated on a frequent basis, normally a 12-month schedule.

We provide recalibration services on an ad-hoc and planned basis for Customers, and can supply substitute sets of instruments, sensors and regulating and safety devices to minimise the time the control products need to be taken off-line for recalibration work scopes. Faulty or damaged instruments, sensors and safety devices can be repaired or replaced quicky from our parts stock or via our network of suppliers.

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The energy industry’s desire for continuous performance improvement is driving the need for technological advancement in the control system area. The need for more reliable and predictable product performance has resulted in upgraded manufacturing specifications, and the need to drill further and faster has resulted in tougher drill pipes with high shear pressures.

API 16D 3rd Edition introduces important new requirements for BOP and Diverter Control Systems. Clients demand our Customers must have control system products that comply with the latest industry standards and Cansco Control Technology have stepped up with ‘3rd Edition’ upgrade solutions for 2nd Edition control system products.

The combination API 16D 3rd Edition requirements with tougher drill pipe is driving the need for control systems with working pressures above 3,000psi, and for dedicated shear circuits. These and other upgrade solutions are available from Cansco Control Technology.

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Cansco Control Technology have a team of qualified technical personnel ready to assist you with a wide range of on-site control system projects.


We conduct inspections, condition assessments, upgrade assessments, compliance reporting to latest standards, and provide recommended remedial scopes.

Design and Development

We provide design and development services for new products and for product upgrades, and we can assist your project teams design and develop project specific plans.

Installation and Commissioning

We can provide on-site project supervision, or both supervision and installation and commissioning personnel accompanied by the tooling, equipment, process and parts to complete the job.


Whether its campaign maintenance or routine scheduled maintenance our personnel, parts and process capability will assist you maximise your equipment performance and uptime.


From the design, development of specialist decommissioning products, to input to decommissioning studies to on-site project teams, our capabilities can help you achieve your performance objectives.

Fleet Management

Whether your fleet size is in single units, in tens or in the hundreds, we have fleet management solutions that can help you achieve improved fleet availability and productivity.

Using our proprietary Enterprise Management System, EXCEED, Cansco Well Control manages rental fleets of thousands of well control assets, and also maintains original manufacturing and current data in accordance with API requirements for all Cansco products sold to customers.

Customers need to know their equipment is available when they need it, that it is fit for purpose, and that it is compliant with prevailing Client requirements. Cansco is uniquely placed to assist Customers to manage their fleet needs. We can provide:

Fleet Survey

- to collect equipment specification, identification data and documentation
- to assess equipment condition and investment worthiness (through recertification, upgrade or replacement)

Fleet availability management

- To input initial fleet data into EXCEED and provide Customer with access portal
- To establish maintenance schedules and routines for equipment products with rig-site data entry portal
- To schedule available equipment to meet a new equipment need or to substitute any existing non-available equipment
- To schedule and oversee equipment product recertification
- To schedule and oversee equipment product upgrade
- To schedule and oversee new equipment product manufacture
- To schedule and oversee equipment product installation and commissioning
- To schedule and oversee equipment decommissioning
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Parts Management

Targeting on time delivery of new products, and uptime performance of Customer owned products Cansco Control Technology optimises its stock inventories through effective supplier and supply management.

As a producer of assembled and tested control system products compliant with API requirements, parts management is a core competence at Cansco Control Technology.

Cansco offers an extension of its stock inventory control to Customers to help optimise stock management to increase turnover and reduce losses normally seen through over contingency, obsolescence and shelf life expiry.

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Data Management

Cansco had acquired data management experience through product and business process development. In-house capability is reflected in our products and our Enterprise Management System, EXCEED, and is increasingly employed in our service offerings to our Customers.

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As an OEM of control equipment Cansco Control Technology we can tailor equipment training to replicate equipment installations so that the training experience is as near as possible to the onsite experience.

With access to Cansco Well Controls’ rental fleet we can set up integrated system arrangements to improve the overall training experience beyond controls.

Bespoke and refresher training is available for work site personnel, including for basic PLC awareness, and on sensor calibration techniques.

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